Weighted Blanket Twin Standard Size


Save space and weight in your luggage! Order your blanket directly to your address in Israel!

This weighted blanket is meant for those with stress, anxiety, sleep issues and other problems. The weight and pressure of the blanket causes the body to release hormones that cause good feelings and better sleep quality.

  • Save space and avoid schlepping this bulky item from home!
  • This product fits standard Israeli beds – No awkward mismatch between US bedding and Israel sized mattress.
  • This is not a winter blanket, but it has an option to insert a winter blanket inside.
  • Filling: glass balls
  • Filling weight: 18 lb
  • Size: Israel standard size 150/200 cm (59.1/78.7 in)
  • Material: Percale 50% cotton 50% polyester
  • Made in Israel by Frid
  • Frid Bros., a well-known Israeli company, has been manufacturing linen & towels since 1953