The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Blanket in Israel

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Blanket in Israel

So you just discovered that instead of shlepping a blanket from home, you can order one to be waiting in Israel on arrival. But you may still have many questions about blankets in Israel…

What weight and size blanket should you buy?

Will your American duvet cover fit your Israeli blanket? 

What if you still want to send a blanket from home and pay for an extra bag? 

What can you do with the blanket at the end of the year?

We had these questions in mind when we wrote this ultimate guide about buying a blanket in Israel just for you!


The standard size for Israeli blankets is 59/79 in (150/200 cm). Please remember to purchase sheets and duvet covers that match the size of your Israeli bed and blanket. Your American sheets from home will not properly fit on an Israeli standard bed - Israeli beds are narrower and longer than their American counterparts, so think twice before bringing one from home.

Some of our taller customers prefer a larger size blanket, either full, queen or king. Please contact us directly if this is relevant to you.


Blankets are available with either synthetic or down filling. Which one to buy is a matter of personal preference, as neither one is warmer than the other. For your children with allergies, we generally recommend buying a synthetic blanket. In addition, you may choose to purchase hypoallergenic covers for your blanket, mattress and pillow.


Just like at home, Israeli blankets come in different weights - summer weight, all-weather weight, extra warm, etc. We suggest that whatever blanket weight your child uses at home should be similar to the blanket you purchase for their Israel use. For example, if your child is like me, and sleeps with a winter blanket all year round, then an all-season blanket is what you will want for them. If your child suffers from cold, you will want to have an extra warm blanket waiting for them in Israel. However, if your child sleeps in shorts and covers themselves with a thin blanket even in the winter, then a summer weight blanket should suffice.

That being said, however, please take into account the difference in weather in your home country/state and their destination in Israel. For example, if you live in Florida then the change in weather to Jerusalem may require a heavier blanket than your child sleeps with at home. 

If your child sleeps better with a weighted blanket, these also are available here in Israel.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are great for a tiyul and perhaps going away for Shabbat and it may be tempting to save some money and use a sleeping bag as a blanket. We don’t recommend this practice on the whole, but you know your child best. 

Egg Crates

Israeli dorm mattresses can sometimes be harder than what your child is used to at home.

Therefore, many of our customers choose to provide their child with the extra comfort of an egg crate mattress topper. This is highly suggested, but not a complete necessity.

Can I Send my Blanket from Home and Pay for an Extra Bag?

In May 2021, someone posted this on the Facebook group Israel Gap Year Parents:

I think it would cost less to pay for an extra suitcase on the plane than to order linens from one of these companies in Israel. Does anyone agree? Usually an extra bag is about $100, and the amount of stuff I can fit in there would cost way more than that on these websites.

The responses were divided - of course you can do that. But we and lots of other experienced parents wouldn’t recommend it. The cost of sending an extra bag seems low (between $75-$200) but the cost can add up quickly if the bag is overweight. In addition, your child will have to wend their way across the world and through two airports with an extra bag. 

We like how this mom summed it up: 

Having sent many kids to Israel, unless your kid brings almost no clothing or other items to Israel it makes no sense to fill up the suitcase with the linen and stuff. Gap years are so expensive anyway, what is a little extra money. I ordered blankets, sheets and also towels and hangers that were in the dorm at her arrival. Worth every single penny!!

What Should My Child Do with the Blanket at the End of the School Year?

The blanket belongs to you so you can do what you want with it. We suggest the added value of donating the blanket to needy families, and many institutions offer this service.. If your school doesn’t have that option, you can contact us and we can help you.

I want to order a blanket delivered to Israel - How do I go about it?

Start shopping for your blanket at Pack for Israel!

Thanks for Tuning In!

We hope this guide addressed your concerns about buying a blanket in Israel. At Pack for Israel, we have years of experience serving customers whose children go to Israel for the year, so if you have any questions please contact us and we’ll be glad to help. We are open all year so you can order blankets for delivery on arrival, or wait until the cold winter months to order. We’d also love to hear your feedback and comments about this guide.

About the Author

Melissa Goldwag spent her GAP year in Israel in 1990-91 and made aliya in 1998. She is the co-founder and CEO of Pack for Israel, an online store that offers everything your child needs for their GAP year in Israel: blankets, linens, bedding, laundry accessories, toiletries, storage solutions and more.

January 12, 2022 — Gaby Fachler
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Here at Pack for Camp -Israel, we want to help you to share in the joy of Chanuka with your children in Israel and what better way to do it then sending them a special Chanuka gift directly to their doorstep?

Here are 3 awesome ideas for Chanuka gifts for your GAP year student in Israel.

Engage their minds with a board game

Give your child a fun and constructive way of spending their downtime with an engaging and stimulating board game. Games are a perfect fun social activity for a long Shabbos afternoon or a quiet evening after a long day of study. Check out our selection of board games which have been hand picked with GAP year students in mind. All of the games are suitable for English speakers. 

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Warm their spirits with a cozy winter package

Chanuka heralds the beginning of Winter in Israel and your child is going to start feeling the cold. Pick up one of our pampering winter packages to make your child feel cozy and warm on Chanuka and throughout the winter.


Order a gift directly to your child in Israel

At Pack for Camp Israel you can order the ideal Chanuka gift from our all new Chanuka Gift Collection, featuring an amazing assortment of stimulating and engaging board games, pampering packages and yummy food baskets! All gifts are wrapped, free of charge!

To ensure delivery by the first night of Chanuka (November 28), Order your gifts by November 14.

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