Living here in Israel, at Pack for Israel, we are always looking for creative ways to facilitate giving back to Israel. Whether it's supporting our soldiers in times of war with much needed blankets or giving a lone soldiers toiletries and towels to make them feel more at home. Here are some of the projects we have been able to facilitate with your amazing generosity.

How Your Support Has Helped Israeli Soldiers and Evacuees ~ Am Yisrael Chai

A couple of days after the tragic and horrific events of Simchat Torah 5784, we sat down together, trying to catch our breath, and trying to think if there was something, even something small, that we could do to help in the face of all this madness.

From the beginning of this crisis, along with the immense pain, shock and suffering, there was a determined energy of volunteerism and chessed (kindness) that enveloped the whole country. Our phones started buzzing with messages on chats and groups requesting all types of necessities for soldiers rushed to the front and for Israelis who had to evacuate their homes or who had lost their homes altogether. 

It occurred to us that our warehouse was full of products that both soldiers and evacuees could use and that if we turned to our customers to cover the cost of these items, we could distribute them to where they were most needed and play our very small part in helping at a time of need.

We were overwhelmed with the generous response of our customers and within a few days, we raised over $20,000. As fast as the donations came in, we were finding places on the same day that needed help. Here are some of the small acts of chessed we've been able to do since the start of the war with the generous donations that you have sent for soldiers and evacuees.

Toiletries for Soldiers

On the first day of our campaign, we went into our warehouse and gathered a long list of toiletries, towels and other items that were urgently needed by soldiers who had rushed to service on Simchat Torah, often without enough time to pack their basic toiletries.

Here is a list of items we sent to soldiers on day1:

  • 173 Bottles of soap, conditioner and shampoo
  • 150 Pillows
  • 125 Towels
  • 93 Women's hygiene products
  • 48 Cans of deodorant
  • 35 Flashlights and batteries
  • 175 Packages of wipes
  • 34 Blankets
  • 22 Sleeping bags
  • 80 Assorted toiletries

We were told by one of our volunteers who distributed the items that when he showed up with the toiletries to the army base some of the female soldiers, who were overwhelmed with emotion, simply burst out crying...

Appliances for a family from Ofakim

One of the volunteers we were working with told us about about a family in Ofakim whose house was completely destroyed by a missile. With your help we were able to send them blankets, pillows, sheets, and kitchen appliances, for their new home.

A brave soldier who fought to rescue party goers

We heard about a soldier who had bravely fought terrorist to save some of the people at the party on Sunday. He was injured and lost his phone in the mayhem. We were able to buy him a brand new phone and have it delivered to the hospital.

A mom asks for phone chargers for her son's unit

After a mom reached out on social media asking if anyone could supply phone chargers for her son and the rest of his unit, we personally brought her 15 phone chargers for the whole unit. She was literally in tears when be brought her the chargers, overwhelmed by the generosity of those who had donated them.

Bedding and Towels for an evacuated family of 13 from Sderot

We were told about an extended family from Sderot who had moved to family in Modiin after a missile landed on one of their homes. We personally delivered a full trunk of items to them that included 13 blankets, 13 pillows, 13 bath towels, 13 hand towels and 13 fleece blankets. The mom was still in shock and visibly shaken by events of the recent days but she was also so grateful for the help. Later on she and one of her children sent us a whatsapp message expressing her gratitude. This is what she wrote (translated from Hebrew):

"We're a family from Sderot who was forced to escape from our home at a time of war to protect ourselves physically and maintain some level of sanity. It's been really tough and not simple at all. We want to thank you and all those involved for your generosity towards us We do not take it for granted. You have made us smile and you have warmed our hearts. We are grateful from the bottom of our hearts. The sensitivity and care that the people of Israel experience in difficult moments is so strengthening and uplifting and helps us feel more united than ever."

Blankets and sheets for a Miluim unit without bedding

We learned of a milium unit of reserve soldiers who were missing their basic bedding. We gathered as many blankets and pillows as we could and had them delivered immediately to the unit. You can see in their faces how happy they were to receive the items.

100 Fleece Blankets for a Unit in the North

As the weather started getting colder in Israel we received a request for 100 fleece blankets for a unit stationed on our Northern border. We turned to one of our customers who had asked us to contact her if more requests came in, and she sponsored the entire request. Within days of asking, the soldiers had their fleece blankets!

Words of Encouragement from our Customers

Not only have our customers been giving generously, they have also sent some beautiful words of support and encouragement in the order notes. Here is a selection of the messages we've received:

Keep doing amazing things! Besorot Tovot!

Thank you for that you are doing to keep Israel safe. We are very grateful for your sacrifices. 

Mi Keamcha Yisrael! Stay Safe. Thank you

Keep doing all that do! Sending love from Montreal to all my brothers and sisters. Am Israel Chai.

We thank you for organizing this opportunity for us to help. We may be far away, but we are with you! Please use the money for whatever necessary to continue helping soldiers and families (whoever needs help!) in Israel. Our thoughts and tefillot are with you!! Wishing your family safety. Sending many many prayers

Wishing you strength in the fight ahead.

Thank you for providing this small way to help from afar.

We are supporting Israel from the US and sending you strength and love from our family to yours. Am Yisrael Chai!

In honor of our brave soldiers. We love you and we appreciate you. Am Yisroel Chai!

Our hearts go out to all of you.

With appreciation to all of our soldiers! We’re Davening for you.

Shalom  I want to contribute and stand with IDF. Give it to the soldiers please. m

Hatzlacha Rabba! We are praying for your safety and victory! Thank you for your service! Am yisroel chai!

Am Yisroel Chai! Thank you Chayalim❤️

Please Hashem protect our nation. Am Yisroel Chai

Thoughts with you. I bought this to honor my friends.

We are very grateful for the sacrifice you make for our homeland. Stay safe

Please don’t give up. We are all praying for you to keep strength and conviction. May G-d be with you.

Thank you for protecting us! Our thoughts and prayers are with you, our Tehillim is for you, and we wish you a quick and easy victory!

Toiletries & Towels for Israel's Lone Soldiers - Partnering with our Customers to Make the World Brighter!

We are fortunate and grateful to partner with our wonderful customers and be able to donate toiletry and towel packages to our lone soldiers at Beit Almog Shilony in Modiin, Israel!


Listen to Gaby Fachler, CEO Pack for Israel, discuss his experience of donating packages to lone soldiers.

 Hear from Gittel Levy, a lone soldier from the UK, who found a home at Beig Almog Shilony and received a package from Pack for Israel.

All donations go to Beit Almog Shilony in Modi’in, which is a happy, warm and supportive home for lone soldiers. The house provides a home for the soldiers for the entire time that s/he is in the IDF service.

Goals of Beit Almog Shilony

  1. To connect the lone soldier to a warm home and an adoptive family in order to help him/her realize his/her potential as an IDF soldier, equal among equals.
  2. To harness the civilians to community action and volunteer for lone soldiers.
  3. To assimilate values such as heroism, loving of the other, giving, mutual assistance and responsibility in the IDF and the society, in the spirit of the memory of Almog Shilony.
  4. Beit Almog Shilony assists soldiers after release from the army in order to help him/her integrate into the Israeli society, as regular citizens.

To donate a package, please purchase the following item: Towel & Toiletry Pack for Lone Soldiers. We will make sure it gets to one of our lone soldiers!