Order a Towel & Toiletry Pack for Lone Soldiers


Order a Toiletry Pack for Lone Soldiers!

Make their day and your own by sharing with our soldiers.

When you order a toiletry pack for soldiers, we will make sure it gets distributed to soldiers who need it at Beit Almog Shilony.

Basic Package includes: Hand towel and toiletries in a nylon carry bag.

Deluxe Package includes: Bath towel, hand towel and toiletries in a nylon carry bag.

Donations go to Beit Almog Shilony in Modi’in, which is a happy, warm and supportive home for lone soldiers. The house provides a home for the soldiers for the entire time that s/he is in the IDF service.

Goals of Beit Almog Shilony

  1. To connect the lone soldier to a warm home and an adoptive family in order to help him/her realize his/her potential as an IDF soldier, equal among equals.
  2. To harness the civilians to community action and volunteer for lone soldiers.
  3. To assimilate values such as heroism, loving of the other, giving, mutual assistance and responsibility in the IDF and the society, in the spirit of the memory of Almog Shilony.
  4. Beit Almog Shilony assists soldiers after release from the army in order to help him/her integrate into the Israeli society, as regular citizens.