On her recent trip to Israel, Naomi Nachman, the famous Food and Travel blogger, spent some time with us in our warehouse in Israel. Naomi has sent some of her own kids to Israel on GAP year so she definitely has some experience in this area. We asked Naomi to share her advice about which items you should buy in Israel and here are her top 4 picks:

#1 Pizza Maker

Naomi Nachman takes her food very seriously... and one of the first things she told us when we met up was "you have to have a pizza maker!". So we went out and found a supplier in Israel and they're now available on our website.

Naomi loves the pizza maker because it's so easy to prepare your own food. Besides preparing delicious home made pizza, you can make quesadillas, nachos, quiches, giant cookies, pancakes and so much more. For those who prefer fleishig meals, you can prepare shnitzel, hamburgers, hotdogs and more. Best of all, they're really easy to clean because they're non stick.

Remember that your 110V American appliances won't work in Israel so it's definitely worth picking up your Pizza Maker in Israel.

#2 Winter Blanket

Everyone needs a cozy blanket when they get to their dorm in Israel and it will literally take up half of your suitcase, so why not order it in Israel

#3 Storage Drawers

Even if you wanted to shove these in your bag, you couldn't. Yeshiva and Seminary dorms are not renowned for the amount of cupboard space they give you. These drawers will give your child a whole lot more space to keep their stuff organized and accessible.

#4 Extra Large Bath Sheets

You really can buy quality towels in Israel and bath sheets are another one of those necessities that it's just not worth wasting valuable space in your luggage for, when you can get beautiful ones in Israel

Good Luck Packing!

We hope you enjoyed these tips. We certainly had a lot of fun spending time with Naomi! If you have any questions, about packing for Israel, be in touch with us and we'll be happy to help!