Did you know that all of Israel’s National Parks have a Sukkah in them? What a country!

My name is Melissa and I'm the CEO and Owner of Pack for Israel. I've been living here in Israel for 25 years and I love exploring and experiencing our beautiful little country. I want to share with you some of my favorite spots to visit over Sukkot! (I also got ideas from our very helpful friends, Ariella and Malkie Merril at Ready. Set. Sem)

Israel's National Parks

There are National parks from North to South of the country and you can find a full list of them at the National Parks site. You should make a reservation on the Parks website to ensure you will be allowed entry. Here are some of my favorite picks (and I’ve personally eaten in their Sukkahs over the last 25 years!)

Near Jerusalem/Bet Shemesh

Ein Hemed

Ein Hemed is a national park and nature reserve in the hills seven kilometers west of Jerusalem. The park is located on the path of an old Roman road, also used in later periods. The main attractions are a fortified Hospitaller building from the Crusader period, streams and lush vegetation.


Castel National Park consists of a fortified summit in the Judean Mountains, located 8 km west of Jerusalem. The site is mostly known as the place of the key battles of Operation Nachshon, which were fought there during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. The national park includes a memorial for the Israeli soldiers who died there, including a monument designed in 1980 by Yitzhak Yamin and a memorial to the convoys that tried to break through the blockade of Jerusalem.

Khan Sha’ar Hagai

Khan Sha’ar Hagai National Heritage Site also known as Bab el-Wad, is a national memorial site located 20 km west of Jerusalem. The Khan, which was built as a wayside inn during the Ottoman period, is situated in the narrow opening of Wadi Nahshon on the main road connecting the lowlands with Jerusalem. This road saw fierce battles during the War of Independence, and in memory of the men and women who took part in them, a heritage center was established in the khan, dedicated to those who broke through the road to Jerusalem.




Apollonia was an ancient city on the Mediterranean coast, located in today's Herzliya. Founded by the Phoenicians during the Persian period in the late sixth century BCE, it was inhabited continuously until the Crusader period, through the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Muslim periods. The site has beautiful views of the sea.

Yarkon National Park

At Yarkon National Park - Tel Afek National Park near Petach Tikva, you’ll find the clean Yarkon Stream with abundant water lilies, a wading pool, a charming lake and an ancient fortress with a beautiful view of the region.

Palmachim Beach National Park

Palmachim Beach is well known to beach lovers as a vacation and recreation site, but it is also a nature site, conserving the natural seashore, coastal kurkar ridge, and wandering dunes. In my opinion, one of the most beautiful beaches in Israel.

Other Sukkot Attractions

Neot Kedumim Park

The Talmud and Mishna talk about at least 50 different types of Kosher Sukkot. For example, "In the case of one who establishes his sukka at the top of a tree or atop a camel, the sukka is fit (Mishna Sukkah 2:3)."

Neot Kedumim Park near Modiin invites you to stroll through the 20 life size sukkot that they have constructed, of all shapes, sizes and materials. Each Succah quotes from the Talmud and the Mishna. The succot are accessible and you are welcome to go into each one, including on a camel, a boat and up a tree.

The Moshav Country Fair at Mevo Modiim

An annual Sukkot tradition, this fair includes lots of live Music, activities and vendors.

Beit Shemesh Sukkot Festival: Two Days of Jewish Music, Rock, and Soul

Featuring Performances by: Akiva, Riviv Kaner, Benny Friedman, Moshe Klein, Mordechai Shapira, Avraham Atzraf, and Shmuel. Monday & Tuesday | 2-3.10 | Beit Shemesh AmphiPark | 20:00


More Attractions In and Around Jerusalem

 Sukkah Spotting

Here is an activity you can do just about any religious area in Israel... Wander around the area and look at the sukkahs, the different types of materials they are built with, and the types of decorations used. Here are a few ideas for neighborhoods, but anything goes: Geula, Meah Shearim, the Old City, Ramat Bet Shemesh, Bnei Brak, etc. 

Eating out

Lot of restaurants in Israel have a sukkah but keep in mind that If you want to eat in a restaurant with a Sukkah make sure to reserve a place in advance as they can get very crowded.

Have a Wonderful Sukkot in Israel!

We hope you enjoy these suggestions of places to explore on sukkot. At Pack for Israel you can order everything you need for your year in Israel: Bedding, towels, toiletries, small appliances (220V), storage accessories & more.