Betty Crocker Style Countertop Pizza Maker


Don't like cafeteria food? Make your own! This pizza cooker is a perfect addition to your kitchen.
  • This product is 220V with an Israeli plug – Get appliances that will definitely work in Israel!.
  • Save weight and space in your bag and avoid schlepping this bulky, heavy item from home!
  • DELICIOUS HOMEMADE PIZZAS: This Betty Crocker style pizza maker by Mini Kitchen allows you the luxury of creating mouthwatering pizza at home. 
  • NONSTICK & EASY TO CLEAN: The nonstick surface of this superior pizza cooker countertop makes cleanup seamless. 
  • VARIABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Can be used at temperatures between 160-210 degrees Fahrenheit
  • SAFE TO USE: automatic shut off when food is ready
  • BAKE, COOK OR FRY: Our pizza cooker affords many delicious homemade possibilities such as quesadillas, nachos, quiches, giant cookies, pancakes and so much more! For those who prefer fleishig meals, you can prepare shnitzel, hamburgers, hotdogs and more. Can also be used for defrosting.
  • Perfect size for personal pizzas - 30 cm diameter (11.8 in)
  • ISRAELI VOLTAGE: 220v with Israeli plug