All Season Blanket Duvet Israeli Standard Size

Save space and weight in your luggage! Order your blanket directly to your address in Israel!

Keep cozy and warm all year with this high quality blanket!

  • High quality, cozy and pampering
  • Material: 100% percale cotton
  • Size: Israel standard size 150/200 cm (59.1/78.7 in)
  • Made in Israel by Frid
  • Frid Bros., a well-known Israeli company, has been manufacturing linen & towels since 1953


  • Made of silicon-coated hollow balls for thick insulation. Silicon coating creates a comfortable feel and protects the filling over time
  • Baffle box construction creates a cozy feel
  • Just as warm as a down blanket
  • Great for people with allergies
  • Filling: 100% fiberfill
  • Filling weight: 990 grams (35 oz)


  • Filling: 100% feathers
  • Filling weight: 1200 gr (42 oz), divided into 12 squares

Extra Warm Feather/Goose Down

  • Warm and cozy, even on the coldest nights
  • Filling: 100% down / feathers