Your school may have sent you a packing list for your GAP year in Israel or you might have found a useful list that your friend shared with you. Either way, there are some products that are super useful to have on your GAP year but don't always make it onto your typical packing lists. Here are Pack for Israel's top 5 picks of awesome items for your GAP year that you may not have thought about...

#1 Pizza Maker

If you're looking for a practical lightweight appliance to make quick and easy snacks and meals in your dorm room, look no further than the Pizza Maker. It's really easy to prepare your own food in the pizza maker. Besides preparing delicious home made pizza, you can make quesadillas, nachos, quiches, giant cookies, pancakes and so much more. For those who prefer fleishig meals, you can prepare shnitzel, hamburgers, hotdogs and more. Best of all, they're really easy to clean because they're non stick.

Remember that your 110V American appliances won't work in Israel so it's definitely worth picking up your Pizza Maker in Israel.

#2 Sleep Sack

As a GAP year student you are going to have lots of opportunities to go away for Shabbat. Bringing linens is often a challenge for students because on the one hand, you don't want to burden your hosts to provide you with linens and on the other hand you don't want to have to take off all your linens and schlep them with you every time you travel. Enter the sleep sack. It's lightweight and compact and basically acts as all your linens in one. Bring this with whenever you travel and just place it on your bed, slip inside and sleep well... 

#3 Bedside Caddy Storage Organizer 

Using storage accessories is a great way to maximize your limited dorm room space and also stay organized. Lots of people are aware of solutions like drawers and under bed storage boxes, but the bedside caddy is a lesser known solution but no less useful. The bedside caddy attaches to the side of your bed and allows you to keep things you need to access often such as tissues, glasses, magazines, fuzzy socks and anything else you can think of!

#4 Quick Drying Towel

If you're spending a year in Israel, you'll need a few towels for everyday use. Make sure that at least one of those towels is a quick drying towel. Perfect for tiyulim and and other outdoor excursions, these towels will dry really quickly so that you can pack it away on the move and not smell up your bag (and the bus) with a damp towel.

#5 Power Strip

Imagine a small dorm room shared by 4 students with 2 power outlets... If you want to be able to charge your phone and plug in your fan and lamp at the same time, a simple power strip is essential. It's best to buy this in Israel because it's going to be suitable for Israeli electricity and it will also fit your Israeli appliances. 

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