One Nation One Heart Hoodie (Hebrew) ~ Buy 1 Give 1



Wear a hoodie that sends a message of unity, resilience and hope!

Israel is in a time of need and more than ever, we need to stand together.

Pack for Camp has partnered with the "One Nation One Heart Campaign" to unite the Jewish people behind our soldiers, our evacuees, and all the people of Israel for now and the future with the message, “One Nation, One Heart” or ”עם אחד בלב אחד.” Read more about the campaign.

When you buy a hoodie it will be delivered to your address. In addition to the hoodie you receive, for every hoodie you buy, we will give a matching t-shirt to an IDF soldier and/or evacuee from the North and South of Israel, to lift their spirits and morale and show them that we stand behind them!

Size Chart

Size Chest (in) Length (in)
S 20 25
M 21 26
L 22 28
XL 23 29
2XL 24 30
3XL 25 31