Master Electric Grill PRO - For Baking, Grilling & No-Oil Frying


Don't like cafeteria food? Make your own! This master electric grill PRO is an all-in-one kitchen.
  • This product is 220V with an Israeli plug – Get appliances that will definitely work in Israel!.
  • Save space and avoid schlepping this bulky item from home!
  • Has a digital screen to choose from built-in functions that include time and temperature
  • Has 12 operations: air frying, drying, slow roasting, baking, quick roasting, grilling, manual, keeping warm, steaming, stew, pan and slow cooking.
  • Has a timer and heat temperature - can be adjusted according to your cooking needs
  • Grilling from all directions, temperature range 50 to 230 degrees, uniform heat dissipation and perfect result
  • Dimensions: width 15.7 in, height 11 in, depth 15.6 in
  • The parts can be washed in the dishwasher
  • Accessories: Inner pot, Glass lid, Aluminum frying basket, Aluminum cooking pot, Cleaning brush