3 Awesome Chanuka Gift Ideas for your GAP Year Student in Israel

Chanuka is definitely in the air here in Israel! Local bakeries have their gourmet sufganiyot on display, people are planning their Chanuka tiyulim and you can almost hear the sound of those dreidels spinning...

Here at Pack for Israel, we want to help you to share in the joy of Chanuka with your children in Israel and what better way to do it then sending them a special Chanuka gift directly to their doorstep?

Here are 3 awesome ideas for Chanuka gifts for your GAP year student in Israel.

Engage their minds with a board game

Give your child a fun and constructive way of spending their downtime with an engaging and stimulating board game. Games are a perfect fun social activity for a long Shabbos afternoon or a quiet evening after a long day of study. Check out our selection of board games which have been hand picked with GAP year students in mind. All of the games are suitable for English speakers. 

Engage their hearts with yummy food

You know the way to your child's heart? With a yummy food basket, of course! Which GAP year kid doesn't love getting a food basket filled with delicious treats to share with all their friends. Check out our exclusive food baskets that include delicious hand baked products.

Warm their spirits with a cozy winter package

Chanuka heralds the beginning of Winter in Israel and your child is going to start feeling the cold. Pick up one of our pampering winter packages to make your child feel cozy and warm on Chanuka and throughout the winter.


Order a gift directly to your child in Israel

At Pack for Israel you can order the ideal Chanuka gift from our all new Chanuka Gift Collection, featuring an amazing assortment of stimulating and engaging board games, pampering packages and yummy food baskets! All gifts are wrapped, free of charge!

To ensure delivery by the first night of Chanuka (November 28), Order your gifts by November 14.

October 31, 2021 — Gaby Fachler